Why Modena-Lucerna?

Details of the Modena-Lucerna Gated 6 Conversion

Upgrading to a Gated 6-Speed Transmission: Ensuring the Future of Your Ferrari 360 or F430

The allure of a Ferrari is a blend of stunning aesthetics and unbridled power. Models like the Ferrari 360 and 430 have symbolized automotive engineering excellence. However, even icons can be tarnished by technical issues over time. An alarming problem has afflicted Ferrari enthusiasts: the notorious transmission failure of the F1 automated manual gearbox. But there’s a beacon of innovation shining through this concern – the Modena-Lucerna gated 6-speed conversion.

The Achilles Heel: Ferrari F1 Transmission

The F1 automated manual transmission dazzled with its Formula 1-like gear shifts. But as these vehicles mature, a disconcerting problem has emerged: the F1 transmission’s susceptibility to failure. Owners of Ferrari 360 and 430 models confront the reality that these revered gearboxes are becoming less dependable due to vanishing replacement parts. Ferrari’s admission that they no longer produce these crucial components leaves owners facing the prospect of prized vehicles being rendered useless. However, a solution emerges in the form of Modena-Lucerna’s gated 6-speed conversion.

The Dawn of a Solution: Modena-Lucerna’s Gated 6-Speed Conversion

In response to Ferrari’s transmission dilemma, Modena-Lucerna emerges as a savior for enthusiasts refusing to let their beloved vehicles languish. The company’s innovative response is the creation of a gated 6-speed conversion tailored for Ferrari 360 and 430 models.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Modena-Lucerna’s conversion doesn’t merely restore vehicles; it elevates them beyond factory specifications. The new transmission offers a driving experience that bridges nostalgia and modernity. The manual gearbox evokes the era when drivers cherished tactile machine connections. The cutting-edge engineering incorporated ensures reliability and performance. No longer must Ferrari enthusiasts fret about vehicles becoming inoperable due to parts scarcity.

Preserving the Essence of Driving

Moving from the F1 automated manual to the gated 6-speed transcends technical modification – it’s an ode to driving’s art. The gated shifter, synonymous with classic Ferraris, demands deliberate, engaging movements, strengthening the driver-machine connection. The thrill of manually shifting gears, sensing mechanical precision with each change, surpasses modern paddle-shift systems. The gated 6-speed conversion preserves driving’s essence, letting enthusiasts savor every road moment.

Ensuring a Bright Future for Iconic Machines

In an evolving automotive landscape, preserving classic vehicles’ heart and soul poses challenges. Modena-Lucerna’s gated 6-speed conversion offers a breakthrough solution, sustaining Ferrari 360 and 430 models’ relevance and usability. By embracing this conversion, owners safeguard investments and honor these icons’ legacies.

For Ferrari 360 and 430 owners, the path forward is clear: the Modena-Lucerna Gated 6-Speed Conversion is the definitive solution. This transformation doesn’t just resolve a problem; it enhances performance, reliability, and driving experience. With this conversion, classic Ferraris’ future is brighter than ever. The road ahead promises the joy of driving a masterpiece, forged with Modena-Lucerna’s commitment to quality, precision, and innovation. The legacy of these classics lives on.

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