The problem with the Ferrari F1 Transmission

The Ferrari 360 Modena equipped with the F1-style automated manual transmission (F1 transmission) is a fantastic sports car, but like any complex mechanical system, it has its share of potential issues and problems. Here are some common problems that owners of the Ferrari 360 with the F1 transmission might encounter:

  1. Clutch Wear and Replacement: The F1 transmission uses a clutch system that can wear out over time, especially with aggressive driving. Frequent launches and gear changes can accelerate clutch wear, leading to clutch slippage, difficult gear engagement, and decreased performance. Clutch replacement is a significant and costly repair.
  2. Hydraulic System Issues: The F1 transmission uses a complex hydraulic system for gear changes. Components like the hydraulic actuator, pump, and accumulator can develop leaks, leading to inconsistent gear changes, warning lights, and decreased performance. Addressing hydraulic system issues requires specialized expertise.
  3. Transmission Actuator Failure: The transmission actuator, responsible for controlling gear changes, can fail over time. This can result in gear engagement problems, unexpected shifting behavior, or the transmission getting stuck in a specific gear.
  4. Electro-Hydraulic Pump Problems: The electro-hydraulic pump supplies hydraulic pressure for gear changes. If the pump fails or becomes weak, it can lead to delayed or harsh gear changes, making driving uncomfortable and potentially damaging the transmission.
  5. Gearbox ECU and Software Issues: Electronic control units (ECUs) that manage the transmission’s operation can experience software glitches, leading to issues like rough shifting, incorrect gear selection, and warning lights on the dashboard.
  6. Sensor Failures: Sensors that monitor various transmission and engine parameters can malfunction, leading to incorrect gear shifts, warning lights, and reduced performance.
  7. Severe Wear from Aggressive Driving: Repeated aggressive launches, hard gear changes, and track use can put significant stress on the transmission components, accelerating wear and increasing the likelihood of problems.
  8. Lack of Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including fluid changes, can help prevent many transmission-related issues. Neglecting maintenance can lead to accelerated wear and potential problems.

All of these known and unfortunately common issues are all completely resolved with a Modena-Lucerna Gated 6 conversion, eliminating all possible existing failure points.

Ferrari 360 gated six conversion kit – Price $13,500

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